Social Organisation “En-Nebras”, Lviv

Social Organisation “En-Nebras” was created in 1996 and later became one of the underlying parts of AUASO “Alraid”. Launched as a students’ initiative, it was meant first of all for fulfilling religious, cultural and educational needs of Lviv Muslim community consisting mainly of local descendants of Volga Tatars. Besides, “En-Nebras” worked with students from Muslim countries, as there was plenty of them in Lviv then. The organisation helped them maintain their religious and cultural identity, at the same time helping them adapt to ukrainian society.

Later, the organisation covered a wider range of activities: they launched a free Sunday school of Arabic Language and culture of different Muslim countries, initiated Qur’an memorization circles, raised funds for renting room for prayers on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Social Organisation “En-Nebras” is a very active member of cultural and educational projects implemented by the AUASO “Alraid”; besides, ot has developed wide and productive cooperation with other social organisations and believers of other religions, participates in all the events meant for developing interfaith dialogue, peace and common ground.

It was the long, persistent and productive work of “En-Nebras” staff and volunteers that became the firm ground for opening a full-time “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centre in Lviv.

Address: 29a Abraham Lincoln Str., Lviv, 79068

Tel. +38(093) 554 96 14 (Alan)


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