“We be one blood, thou and I”

28.11.2014 / 845

Another blood-donation benefit “Become a Donor!” will take place at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre on November 5, 2014 (Friday) at the address of 25a Dehtyarivska Str. We look forward to seeing you!

Here’s some good news: this time the “Crimea_SOS” project joined us, which gives us hope that more people will participate and more patients needing donors blood will have an opportunity to get it.

Please follow the updates at our website and the  “Crimea_SOS” project page. Join our page on Facebook, and invite your friends to take part in this event by only one click!

There’s a constant lack of donors of blood and its components in Ukraine. This year, however, the issue got much more topical, as the military action in Donbass is going on, and people injured in the conflict often need donors’ blood. Our soldiers risk their lives every single minute, and each donor increases the chances to save the injured person’s life!

We call upon all the non-indifferent people to study the “Recommendations and Contraindications” Brochure done by the AUASO “Alraid” and RAMU “Umma”, and take part in the event is they don’t have contraindications for becoming a blood donor.

Last year we found out that the medical commission also declines donors who drank sweet beverages with gas (soda, cola, etc.) during the two days prior the benefit and on the donor’s day as well. Current edition of the brochure doesn’t contain this information yet, so please mind that!

You can pre-register by sending your data (Name, Surname, DOB, cell No) to or by a private message for the facebook page “Become a Donor”.


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