We Thank Everyone Who Somehow Participated In “Become A Donor” Blood Donation Benefit!

06.12.2014 / 648

Almost 12 litres of blood were donated by the 26 donors today at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre. We are very grateful to everyone who came and took part in our “Become a Donor!” benefit, not only those who were accepted as donors, but also those who wished to donate but weren’t accepted by the medical crew for some reasons or had some health problems.

We saw how disappointed were those whose applications were rejected for some reasons. The deeds, however, are accepted by intention, and we ask Allah Almighty to reward everyone who really wanted to take part in the donorship benefit.

We thank the ICC volunteers who helped with logistic and  the buffet.

We thank our informational partners, the “Crimea_SOS” project, thanks to whose assistance we met new unindifferent people who are willing to give a little part of themselves to those who need it badly.

We thank the “Window to the World” filming crew who dedicated special series of the “Fashionable Me”(with Ms. Rayana Volha Charnykh) programme to our benefit.

We also send our heartfelt thanks to the medical officers from Kyiv City Blood Centre, having business with whom is always easy and pure pleasure. They are very positive and caring people, always concerned with the donors’ physical and psychological comfort. It was the medical officers’ delicacy that made the first act of  donorship which some people were afraid of a nice and pleasant regular charity.

Our benefit gains momentum every time; now there are more prepared donors among the people who come to participate, which shortens the number of rejections because of incompatible illnesses or wrong kind of diet during the two days prior the procedure.

It’s encouraging that the motivators on our Facebook page had 500, 600, 900 views. No, we did not expect all those people to attend our benefit, however, it gave us hope that several hundred people learned about the importance of donating blood with each published motivator and perhaps those pictures and articles encouraged someone to approach the local blood station and donate blood in their city or town.

God willing, our benefits will continue. Stay tuned! Let’s make this world a little kinder and safer place to live in together!

Thank you, people! You are awesome!


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