Mission “Cabbage Rolls”: Homemade Food For The Military Hospital Benefit

05.01.2015 / 903

Kyiv Muslim women continued their “Homemade food for the Military hospital” benefit last Saturday. This time they gathered at the local Islamic Cultural Centre in order to cook homemade cabbage rolls of halal veal. Having started the work in the afternoon, the women brought the meal to the fighter early in the evening. Besides 250 cabbage rolls, they brought along mandarin oranges, 9 litres of juice and some portions of homemade dumplings with staffed with potatoes and meat.

This Muslim initiative was supported by the two Christian girls this time, who learned about the benefit from their relatives and friends and decided to join. One of them also went to the military Hospital afterwards.

This time, the treats were taken to the patients at the departments of Psychiatry, Surgery and Therapeutics departments. The soldiers thanked and told some stories about their life in the warzone, about their injuries. “Please do not take pictures of me!” — one of the young men asked shyly. — “My parents don’t know I was injured and taken to the hospital, they think I that I am off for some maneuvers!”

In the meanwhile, the benefit continues. Stuffed pancakes are on schedule in the nearest Saturday (we begin at 12 am). For this matter, every woman bakes pancakes at home and brings them along for the further manipulations. Everyone is welcome!


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