Inviting All For A Master-Class By Ukrainian Costume Historian!

30.01.2015 / 677

On Sunday, February 1, a master-class dedicated to the World’s Hijab day will be held, covering both Ukrainian and Oriental styling of headwear. We’ll be happy to see you: the doors of Kyiv islamic Cultural Centre are open for anyone, regardless of their confession!

The master-class will be a duplex one: invited by the Women’s Social Organisation “Maryam” Ms Oksana Kosmina, a historian of Ukrainian costume and material culture, will tell about the particularities on women’s headwear in different Ukrainian regions. The participants will learn the difference between Gutsul and Polissya headwear by its shape and color, and also distinguish pieces of everyday clothing from the festive analogues. Is there any girl who wouldn’t like to be tangent to the separate culture of her native land? Which Kyiv fashionmonger can resist an opportunity to try on the look of classic Ukrainian beauty?

The Master will be assisted by Ms.Rayana Volha Chernykh, a journalist who travelled a lot through Middle East and Northern Africa where she picked up some hijab styles from the local women. The guests will be able to learn what oriental styles of wearing headscarves will suit best to their personal image and facial type. The boot, however, lies in gaining some understanding that different cultures are more alike than it may seem.

Participants of the past master-classes by Ms.Kosmina shared their impressions over the social media. For instance. one of them wrote: “I gained a better understanding of how by grandmothers lived and felt this world, and made another little step towards understanding our culture.”


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