One Has To Continue Self-Education In Order To Educate Well

18.02.2015 / 779

It’s no secret at all that an educator who wants to make the teaching process successful must not only have a perfect knowledge of the subject but also profound communication skills. They need to catch the audience’s attention, explain in simple terms and give remarkable examples. While professional educators are taught all this at their universities, teachers at AUASO “Alraid” Sunday schools of Arabic language and oriental culture that work at every Islamic Cultural Centre are volunteers who teach free of charge.

In order to make this process more easy and effective, the Association holds different orderly trainings for its teachers, and so it was on this weekend.

Teachers at ICCs from all over Ukraine gathered at Kyiv ICC in order to get trained in methodology of teaching Arabic language. Besides, Mr.Rifat Sabitov, a psychologist, gave series of lectures on dealing with audience: how one can find common ground with people of different temper, how to keep the attention of the audience alive, how to interact with students during a lecture so that they aren’t just passive listeners.

Such two-day seminar will have positive impact both on the teachers who improved their communication and teaching skills, and the students of Sunday schools.


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